Study Restarts Wednesday, September 7th @ 6:30 PM

Study Plan for the Rest of 2016



We will strive to complete the book this year by consolidating our Wednesday evenings around major doctrines and spending most of November and December discussing the "End Times."  To accomplish this task, we will focus our attention in the following way:



Date      Subject                                  Chapter(s)

9/21           God Attributes (Focus on Trinity)            12,13,14

9/28           Man: Creation & Fall                                 21,22,23,24               

10/5           Covenants                                                  25

10/12         Christ: 1st Coming                                    26,27,28                    

10/19         Holy Spirit                                                 30

10/26         Perseverence                                            40                              

11/2           In Christ                                                     43

11/9            The Church                                              Selected from 44-53

11/16          End Times                                                54

11/23          Off for Thanksgiving                                                                  

11/30          3 Views: Millennium                                55

12/7            3 Views: Tribulation                                55                              

12/14          Final Judgment, New Heaven               56, 57

12/21          Final Discussion & Christmas Party                                       

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem


We will be using the widely available Systematic Theology book to guide our study. This is a very good starting point book for us to use for the year and has launched many first-time 'theologians.' There are a variety of places to obtain the book, please purchase the book prior to the first class.  We will discuss Chapter One.


If you would like to see a preview of the book, Click Here.  


You can join at any time.  


Great Resource for Attributes of God


As we restarted our study on 9/7, we decided to discuss the 'high points' of our doctrines.  This mean that we will not take enough time to do a deep dive into many of them, except for the discuss on the "End Times," as decided by the group.  


If you want to study more on the topic of the Attributes of God, here is an excellent resource produced by Precept Austin.  

Click Here to discover and explore.


Watch Past Classes Below


February 3, 2016


We continue to expand and deepen our understanding of the key doctrines of Scripture by defining authority and clarity.


January 20, 2016


In this class we discussed the definitions of "The Word of God" and Inerrancy.  The belief in the inerrancy of the Bible is fundemental to all beliefs.  From the foundation of our understanding that the Bible is without error be can properly build our further understanding of Scripture.  

Click for the class slides.
Click for the complete Westminster Confession of Faith

January 13, 2016


In this class we will layout the objectives for the year.  We will examaine the pressure from outside the church on basis of the knowledge of our faith - the Bible.  We will also examine the pressure from within the church to release our long-standing stance on what the Bible really is.  Watch the video to the right, click the links below to download the class materials. 

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Click for the class slides.
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