Happening Now

Mental Healthy Workshop // May 5

In 3 weeks we will have a workshop on dealing with mental health issues, and on teaching others. If you have questions, please talk to Student Director Lie Sie.

On Going

Sunday Morning Bible Study // 9:30 AM 

Adult and High School Bible Study is in Room 200, 201, and 202. Middle School Bible Study at Room 108. Children’s Ministry – please proceed to Children’s Area for check-in.


Good Friday Fast // April 19 // 7AM-7PM

This Friday we will have a time of fasting and prayer from 7 to 7 here in the church building. Come join us at any time during that day, or join us in spirit from home or work. You can fast from food, electronics, social media, etc. We do it because we want a greater hunger for God.

Good Friday Service // April 19 // 7:30-8:30 PM

This Friday at 7:30 PM we will have a very special worship service, including communion. Childcare will be provided up through 2nd grade. We hope everyone can make it.

Prayer Points
  1. Let us pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in India, which is about 5% Christian. From April 11 to May 19, Indians will be voting for India’s federal parliament, and elections could have a profound impact on persecution of Christians. Attacks on the church have increased by 425% since 2014, when the Hindu hardliner Bharatiya Janata Party won a landslide victory. “One of the least reached countries on earth, 95% of Indians have never heard of Jesus! However, despite the intense persecution, Christianity is the fastest growing religion in India.” (prayercast.com)

  2. Pray for the victims of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention—that they will find healing in Christ. And pray the churches would stop covering up their crimes, and instead would humble themselves before God and repent.

  3. Let’s continue to pray for brothers and sisters in China. The government continues to shut house churches down and is even sending some members to “re-education camps”.

  4. Pray for our church leadership—the NLT and the WHCC Council, as we plan for the future. We are preparing for independence from WHCC.

  5. Pray for (1) our Young Adults who have entered the workforce, military, or who are looking for work; (2) our students in college; and (3) those students who have entered graduate school.

Easter Worship // April 21 // 9:30

Next Sunday we will have a special combined Easter worship service. Now we usually we then take a church photo and also have a picnic on Easter; however, we are postponing those things until our unity service in June.

West-Coast Get-Away Q&A // 12:45 // Room 108

We will take a group to this Cru High School conference June 14-20. Due to some generous donors, the cost (including the flight and a day at Disney Land) is $595. The deadline is extended to today.

Church Calendar