About Us    

one truth

two languages

New Hope Christian Church is unique in The Woodlands, Texas.  We are fond of saying that we have one truth - salvation through Jesus Christ - that is preached and taught in two languages - English and Chinese.  How beautiful it is as you enter the building, getting a glimpse of heaven as you hear singing, prayer, and scripture being spoken in at least two languages.  It is truly a beautiful expression of faith in community


our mission

The mission of New Hope Christian Church is to fulfill our Lord's command to make disciples.


mission fulfillment

Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ involves many things. First, you must hear the gospel and believe.  After our profession of belief, we are ushered into a wondrous and challenging life of transformation.  Growth in our Christian life has three primary elements: Worship, Growth, and Service.  We have intentionally designed our church to be laser focused on these components.